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Group portrait of an African-American football team on a postcard addressed to Professor Henry McDonald, Harpers Ferry, W. Va.  It says, 'This is to remind you that I appreciate our ex-Storer captain, by sending you his wonderful form and his impregnable machinery. Victor W. DeShields.'  The card also identifies the captain as, 'Layton J. Wheaton in 'cits' and white shirt.'
On the back of the photograph is typed, '23-64-6-GO!'
Group portrait of the football team from Storer College, a school for  African-Americans.
Storer College football team in uniform in front of dugouts.
Storer College Football team in uniform by building. Back Row: Mantley, Bentley, C. Hopewell, Pierce, Smith, E. Brooks, Glover, C. Brooks. Prf. Drew, Coach. Middle Row: Briscoe, Bruner, Willims, Gaiters (Captain), Fraxier, Taylor, Mitchell. Front Row: Brown, Cannady, Lee, Toodle, Tainey, Ellison, Hill.
Group photo of Storer College football team, partially in uniform. Back Row: Fisher(END), Motley(TACKLE), Palmer(CAPT/GUARD), Jackson(END), Howard(GUARD), Wheaton(FB), Diggs(GUARD), Frazier(GUARD), McGhee(QB), DeShields(TACKLE), Scott(TACKLE), Ridgley(FB). Middle Row: Thomas(Center), Hopewell(TACKLE), Williamson(QB), Mackel(HB), Green(HB), Brimagt(HB). Front Row: Camper(END), Winders(QB), White(CENTER), Parks(GUARD), Crawford(END), Freeman(GUARD).