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Students prepare cement for a construction project.
Students try to even out the foundation for a construction project.
Football player presents gift to a female student.
Four female students standing in the back row.  Two football players seated on the ground.
'To Mother with all my love. your son, John Shorte'
Students paint the inside of a room.
The only identified member is Richard McKinney seated, fourth from left in front row.
Richard I. McKinney sits at the far end of the table.
Richard McKinney, first African-American President at Storer College, stands third from left.
Four male Storer students pose for a portrait on the steps of a building.
Four male Storer students pose for a portrait on a snowy day.
'Just across the Street."
'My present home.'
Picture post card of Harpers Ferry.
Isabelle Stewart, Raymond McNeal, and Odetta Johnson sit on the lawn at school holding a school pennant.
Located on Camp Hill.
'Grand view school?'
'That this nation might have a new birth of freedom. That slavery should be removed forever from American soil. John Brown and his 21 men gave their lives. To commemorate their heroism, this tablet is placed on this building. Which has since been known as John Brown's Fort by the Alumni of Storer College 1918.'
Two female student stand next to male student wearing a letterman sweater.
Male and female student looking to the left.
Male and female student in profile.
Male and female students in formal clothing.
Male and female students posed for a portrait.
A male and female student pose for a portrait.
Students sewing in Home Economics.
A female and male student.  Male is wearing a letterman sweater.
A male and female student stand outside looking at papers in a file together.
Girls holding on to streamers at May Day celebration.
From left to right in the upper row standing is Robert Trent, Portia Lovett, Mary Ella Dixon, and Charlie Hale. Sitting from left to right is Walter Johnson, Alberta Redmond, Hamilton Keys, and Mertia Lovett. First concert was given in Buffalo, N.Y., May 2, 1873. They gave 40 concerts in the principal cities between Buffalo and Utica, going home, July 5, 1873.
Group portrait of Storer College Cornet Band members with instruments on lawn. Pictured: 'B. Debbis, C. Dennis, John W. McKinney, T. Herrod, Trulia Jones, Eugene Jones, C. McKinney, Prof. Saunders, W. Harris.'
L to R:  Isabelle Stewart, Raymond McNeal and Odetta Johnson display a Storer pennant sitting on the campus lawn. All three students are listed as Honor Students in 1916.
Group portrait of the Glee Club in uniform at Storer College, a school for African-Americans.
Group portrait of the African-American orchestra at Storer College.
Group of African-American, female students, dressed in choir robes exit a church singing.